Protected by Wallarm: Common Application Security Pains
OWASP Top10 threats, including SQL injections, RCE, XSS; brute-force attacks, credential stuffing, SSRF
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NGINX Conf 2017. Meet and greet Wallarm
Wallarm is a gold sponsor of NGINX Conference. Join us in Portland, OR September 5-7
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Ultimate Deployment Flexibility for protecting SaaS
Combine traffic filtering nodes deployed locally with machine learning in the cloud
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Turn the Tables on Hackers
Use “Hacker Intelligence” to scan your network perimeter for vulnerabilities and exposed assets
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Adaptive Application Security
Wallarm is an application security platform which combines Active Threat Verification engine and a DevOps friendly NG-WAF.
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Next-Generation WAF for SaaS Providers

Wallarm signature-free Next Gen WAF with hybrid deployment architecture is a great fit for software providers offering SaaS to their client base. DevOps professionals who follow Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration processes will benefit from the automatically generated, adaptive, application specific security rules that get updated after every application release. Moreover, Wallarm scales automatically with the load balancer and works well supporting thousands of API requests per second.
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Next-Generation WAF for On-Premises Datacenters

Without the need for dedicated hardware, Wallarm Next Gen WAF is easier to scale and manage than hardware-based legacy offerings and provides both CapEx and OpEx savings. Low false positives and selective blocking allow companies to run WAF in blocking mode and without needing to dedicate security professionals to analyzing overbloated stream of security alerts. Additionally, active and passive threat verification provides on-going complement to pentesting service, maintaining up-to-date datacenter security posture.

On-going vulnerability management

Integrates with enterprise infrastructure management stack

Low false positives makes blocking mode feasible

Reduced OpEx

Deploys on any cloud

Traffic analyzed
in place

Improved security and

Application Security in Cloud Deployments

Flexible deployment options make Walarm Next Gen WAF a great choice for software teams who make cloud infrastructure a part of their application story. With the ability to install on Amazon Linux or any other image running in AWS, Google or Azure cloud, Wallarm makes it easy to analyze web application traffic whenever it is. Unlike cloud WAF, Wallarm doesn’t require for the application traffic to be rerouted to an external WAF cloud nor does it require export of SSL keys. Instead, traffic is analyzed in place, and only anonymized application statistics are shared with Wallarm cloud for machine learning and creation of custom security rules.
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Sam Gaglani
VP of Business Development, Xsolla
Any company that deals with payments in any way understands the importance of information security. Wallarm is just the right partner for us in this regard.
Kirill Korotaev
Vice President, Parallels
Wallarm has exceeded our expectations in protecting our web applications and APIs which we update and deploy every day.
Alex Rybak
VP Engineering, Badoo
We passed a significant amount of traffic through Wallarm, and didn’t notice any performance degradation which is critical for a company with 243 million users.
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